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    Q1020: Someone is breaking the rules relating to Coronavirus - What should I do? Should I report it?

    During the 'emergency period', a person must not leave their home without reasonable excuse.

    **From 25/04/2020, in England and Wales it is also an offence for a person to be/stay/remain outside their home without a reasonable excuse. **

    Your home includes any garden, yard, passage, stair, garage, outhouse etc. – you can still go outside to access those areas of your property. See Q1014 for a list of reasonable excuses.

    The police have powers to direct a person to go back to their home, to remove them to their home if necessary, and to fine people for not complying with the rules. See Q1008 and Q1009 for further information about their powers.

    However, the police are likely to be inundated with such reports and may struggle to respond to them all immediately. We therefore advise that in relation to one-off incidents, you initially speak to the people about your concerns (if you can do so safely and within the social distancing measures). Constant and blatant non-compliance with the rules can be reported to your local police force, but due to high demands on the police at this time, we advise that such reports be made online if possible. Please see Q727 to find contact details for your force.

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