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    Q1007: Can I travel by car with other people during the Coronavirus emergency? Can I car share to work?

    During the 'emergency period', no more than two people must gather together in a public place except -

    • where all the persons in the gathering are members of the same household.
    • where the gathering is essential for work purposes.
    • to attend a funeral.

    Also, where reasonably necessary -

    • to facilitate a house move.
    • to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person.
    • to provide emergency assistance.
    • to participate in legal proceedings or fulfil a legal obligation

    The above rules should also be observed in relation to travelling in vehicles together in a public place.

    You need to comply with the rules, and whether you are doing so will ultimately be for an officer at the time to consider, if you are stopped. However, if you and your colleagues are key workers or it is necessary for you to go to work because there is no alternative, and you have no alternative but to car share, then it is likely this will be deemed as falling within the rules. If you are stopped, the officer will advise you whether this is the case.

    If you are car sharing purely for environmental reasons or to save money on petrol this is less likely to fall within the rules as they are there to protect people and it is unlikely is most cases that you could meet the requirements of social distancing whilst sharing a car.

    The 'emergency period' began on 26th March 2020. An end date has not yet been specified, but this is being reviewed at least every 21 days.

    Failing to comply with the above rules is an offence and can result in a fine.

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