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    Q1002: Can hotels / B and Bs / holiday homes remain open during the Coronavirus emergency?

    Businesses consisting of holiday accommodation, whether in a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday apartment, home, cottage or bungalow, campsite, caravan park or boarding house, must cease to carry on that business during the 'emergency period'.

    An exception will be made for:

    • the purpose of providing accommodation for any person, who –

      • is unable to return to their main residence.
      • uses that accommodation as their main residence.
      • needs accommodation while moving house.
      • needs accommodation to attend a funeral.
    • to provide accommodation for any person -

      • who works in one of the critical sectors and whose need for accommodation is connected to their work (including for example, persons working in Education, Local/National Government, Public Safety / National Security, Transport, Utilities, Health and Social Care etc).

    • the purpose of providing accommodation or support services for the homeless.
    • the purpose of providing blood donation sessions.
    • any purpose requested by the Secretary of State, or a local authority.

    The 'emergency period began on 26th March 2020. An end date has not yet been specified, but this is being reviewed at least every 21 days.
    Failing to comply with the above rules is an offence and can result in a fine.

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