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    Q1000: Which businesses can continue during the Coronavirus emergency?

    Subject to the rules in relation to consumption of food on premises (see Q998), the following businesses are exempt from closure during the 'emergency period':

      • Food retailers, including food markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and corner shops.
      • Off licenses and licensed shops selling alcohol (including breweries).
      • Pharmacies (including non-dispensing pharmacies) and chemists.
      • Newsagents.
      • Homeware, building supplies and hardware stores.
      • Petrol stations.
      • Car repair and MOT services.
      • Bicycle shops.
      • Taxi or vehicle hire businesses.
      • Banks, building societies, credit unions, short term loan providers, cash points and undertakings which by way of business operate currency exchange offices, transmit money (or any representation of money) by any means or cash cheques which are made payable to customers.
      • Post offices.
      • Funeral directors.
      • Laundrettes and dry cleaners.
      • Dental services, opticians, audiology services, chiropody , chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical or health services, including services relating to mental health.
      • Veterinary surgeons and pet shops.
      • Agricultural supplies shop.
      • Livestock markets or auctions.
      • Storage and distribution facilities, including delivery drop off points.
      • Car parks.
      • Public toilets.
      • Garden centres
      • Outdoor sports courts (ENGLAND ONLY - from 13th May 2020).
      • Libraries. (WALES ONLY - from 4pm, 11th May 2020). 

    Certain businesses and services must close (see Q999). Businesses not listed as exempt or subject to closure, may remain open, but may be subject to restrictions. Please see the link in related information which gives government guidance on the closure of certain businesses and venues.

    Any business that remains open should follow the Government's guidance for employers and businesses on Coronavirus. See link in related information.

    The 'emergency period' began on 26th March 2020. An end date has not yet been specified, but this is being reviewed at least every 21 days.

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