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    Q950: How long do I need to disclose my conviction for?

    The table below provides details of when a conviction will become spent. Please note that the sentence length includes any time spent on licence. Q89 provides further information on cautions and convictions.

    Some convictions will never become spent and others don't require a rehabilitation period at all. Those that will never become spent include -

    (a) a sentence of preventive detention;
    (b) a sentence of detention during Her Majesty's pleasure or for life, a sentence of detention for a term exceeding thirty months;
    (c) a sentence of custody for life; and
    (d) a sentence of imprisonment for public protection.

    Those that don't require a rehabilitation period (therefore the period of time until it becomes spent will be nil), include -

    (a) an order discharging a person absolutely for an offence,
    (b) any other sentence in respect of a conviction where the sentence is not dealt with in the table below.


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