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    Q86: Have you got any advice regarding personal safety whilst I am driving?

    Whilst driving around in the car, keep all doors locked. This will prevent people getting in to the car when you stop at traffic lights or junctions.

    If driving late at night, make sure someone knows what time to expect you home.

    Before setting off on a long journey, make sure you have enough petrol, water, oil etc in your car.

    If you park or leave your car, take any valuables with you. If you cannot take your valuables with you, do not leave them on view in your car.

    Park your car in a well-lit and secure car park.

    When parking at your house at night, make sure you have your house keys at the ready.

    If you think someone is following you home, never go home, drive straight to the nearest police station. If you do not know where the nearest police station is, drive to a place where you know there will be people, such as a shop or petrol station.

    In general, wherever you are:

    · Do not walk home alone late at night. If you do then choose well-lit main roads and walk confidently.

    · If someone does grab your bag fighting back is not always a good idea, you do not know if your attacker has a weapon.

    · Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Reading and listening to music can be distracting.

    · In a busy public place, try to only use your mobile phone in an emergency as it is advertising the fact that you have a phone and whilst using it you may be distracted, making it easier to take it from you.

    · If you are attacked it is often better to shout fire rather than help, it tends to attract more attention.

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