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    Q828: I am the victim of a crime, where can I find information, advice and support?

    Victim Support is an independent charity who provide free, confidential help and support to people affected by crime or traumatic events. You do not have to report a crime to the police to be referred to Victim Support, anyone can contact them directly for help. Trained staff and volunteers provide a wide range of specialist services such as practical and emotional support, and can help people affected by all types of crime. The services extend not only to the victim but also to their friends and family. See the links in Related Information for details.

    If you are a victim and your case is being investigated by the police, you will be assigned a Victim Care Officer. Their role is to ensure that your needs are considered and that you are kept informed about developments in the investigation. Victim's entitlements are governed by the Victim's Code, this outlines the support and information available to you at each stage of the process. Further details can be found in Related Information and also Q622.

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