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    Q761: What is the law relating to using snow chains on car tyres?

    Snow chains are lawful in the UK. However, the law provides that tyres must be suitable having regard to the use to which the vehicle or trailer is being put or to the type of tyres fitted to its other wheels. This could mean that a person may commit an offence if they use snow chains when there is no snow.

    Additionally, only consider using snow chains where the road surface is covered in a protective layer of compacted snow/ice. If you try to use chains on a road that has been cleared of snow you risk damaging the road (you could be prosecuted for this) or your vehicle.

    Before fitting snow chains make sure you can use them on your vehicle. Chains make wheels wider and so they may catch on bodywork, they can also interfere with electronic wheel sensors.

    If you have any doubts about the whether you can fit snow chains, consult your vehicle's handbook or an approved dealer.

    Please see the related website for further information.

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