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    Q649: I have got a forged bank note, what should I do?

    If you are a shop owner or employee and you know or suspect the person who has passed it to you then you should put the note in a bag to preserve any fingerprint evidence and hand the note into the nearest police station. If there is no suspect the police may not get involved and you should therefore hand the note into a bank.

    As a shop owner/business owner you should contact your local crime prevention officer who will be able to advise you on preventing further instances of this happening, and can ascertain whether there are any other shops or businesses in the area that has received any so that appropriate action can be taken. Also see the website in related information for more details.

    If you have been passed a forged bank note in change when you have bought something you should hand it into the local police station and give details, if at all possible, of where you were given it. The police will keep the note as evidence.

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES try to use or pass on the note to someone else, the penalty could be up to 10 years in prison and it just isn't worth the risk.

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