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    Q611: How can I be prepared in case of a fire?

    Every household should have some sort of escape plan in place just in case the worst was to happen. Hopefully you will never have to use it, but it is important to prepare so there is no delay when if it needs to be put into action. The websites in related information offer much more in depth advice on how to be prepared; we have set out a few of the key pointers below:

    • Make sure your house has smoke alarms fitted and that they are tested regularly;
    • Choose the easiest escape route out of the house and make sure everyone is aware of this route;
    • Make sure the route is unblocked at all times but in case it does get blocked, always plan a second route;
    • Leave keys for doors in easy to access places;
    • Be cautious at all times; don't leave the kitchen when cooking,make sure cigarettes are stubbed out correctly, open fires protected with fire guards etc.

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