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    Q594: What is the national speed limit?

    The national speed limit varies depending on the type of road you are on and the vehicle you're driving. The national speed limit is depicted by a white circular sign with a black stripe diagonally across it from right to left.

    • If you're on a dual carriageway and driving a car or motorcycle the national limit is 70mph.
    • If you're on a single carriageway and driving a car or motorcycle the national speed limit is 60mph.

    The link below lists the speed limits applicable to different vehicles:

    The speed limit is the absolute maximum and does not mean it is safe to drive at that speed irrespective of conditions. Driving at speeds too fast for the road and traffic conditions is dangerous. You should always reduce your speed when:

    • the road layout or condition presents hazards such as bends
    • sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, particularly children and motorcyclists
    • weather conditions make it safer to do so
    • driving at night as it is more difficult to see other road users.

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