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Q584: Can I go on a speed awareness course instead of having points on my licence?

You can't suggest that you want to do a Speed Awareness Course, if you are eligible to attend the course you will be notified by the police. The criteria operated by each Police Force in relation to attending SACs differs slightly. The following are the guidelines operated by one police force:

  • You have admitted to being the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence and returned the documentation within the 28 day period calculated from the date the notice was sent to you.
  • No more than 12 weeks have elapsed since the date of the alleged offence.
  • There were no further offences committed at the time of the alleged offence.
  • You have not attended a speed awareness course within the 3 years prior to the current offence.
  • You were driving at a speed which qualifies as per the table below.

Limit Device tolerance Fixed Penalty when education is not appropriate Speed Awareness if appropriate Summons in all other cases and above
From To
20 mph 22 mph 24 mph 24 mph 31 mph 35 mph
30 mph 32 mph 35 mph 35 mph 42 mph 50 mph
40 mph 42 mph 46 mph 46 mph 53 mph 66 mph
50 mph 52 mph 57 mph 57 mph 64 mph 76 mph
60 mph 62 mph 68 mph 68 mph 75 mph 86 mph
70 mph 73 mph 79 mph 79 mph 86 mph 96 mph
All speeds identified above are those shown on the speed device, speedometer or other detection devices

Please note that because the guidelines differ from one force to another, if you have a particular question in relation to your eligibility to attend the course, you will need to contact your local police using the non-emergency 101 number and ask to speak to someone in either the Central Ticket Office/Process Bureau or Fixed Penalty Office (names vary between different police forces). You may need to keep trying the number because the lines are usually very busy.

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