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    Q519: Can ball games be legally played on a public road?

    Aside from the legal issues it is not safe for children to play on roads. This can also cause a nuisance for lots of people in the area who are wary of driving down the street for fear of knocking over a child or getting their cars damaged.

    Putting aside possible traffic or public order issues, it is an offence to play ball games on a public road if it is to the annoyance of road users. It is likely that ball games played on a public road will be to the immediate annoyance of road users.

    It is also a breach of by-laws to play ball games to the annoyance of residents. By-laws are created by the local councils and may not apply to every street, there could be some designated as 'play streets' (and similar), where games are allowed, and the by-law may not exist at all in some towns.
    If this is a problem in your street, then contact your local neighbourhood policing team who will be able to offer advice and assistance.

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