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    Q499: My car has been broken into and I think whoever did it may have left fingerprints, what should I do?

    If your car has been broken into then you should report the crime to your local police - some forces may have the facility to report it online.

    If you witness someone breaking into your car then ring 999, otherwise use the non-emergency 101 number.

    Even if you are not going to make a claim from your insurance company you should still report the matter to the police, because if crimes are not reported the police will not be aware of any potential crime patterns and will not be able to take any positive action.

    If there are items (with a smooth surface e.g. cd cover, de-icer can) in the car that you think the offender may have touched then contact your local police station about the possibility of the items being fingerprinted.

    The police do not routinely carry out a fingerprint examination of all cars that are broken into, there are simply not the resources or the time available. However, each force will have its own policy on this and you will need to contact them.

    If the fingerprints are on something that can be removed e.g. a CD cover or a can of de-icer, keep the item safe pending the advice you receive from your local police. Use gloves when handling any item for fingerprint examination and do not handle it any more than necessary.

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