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    Q41: Can I have some information on how I can become a dog handler / trainer in the police?

    You must be a police officer and have two years of service in the police in order to apply to become a dog handler. Your home is checked to see if it is suitable for a police dog, namely off road parking and enough space in the garden to house two kennels. You will then have to successfully complete a suitability course to determine whether you could handle a police dog.

    The role of dog trainer within police forces has recently opened to non-police officers in some police forces. However, for the present time the majority of the trainers will be police officers. To become a dog trainer for the police service you must have considerable experience in training working dogs and possess either the Home Office Instructors certificate or the ability to gain the certificate. You would ideally possess some type of teaching certificate and have a proven record of teaching.

    For more information on becoming a dog trainer, please contact your local police force.

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