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    Q355: Can quad bikes be used on the road?

    Most quad bikes are only designed for off-road use. They don't conform to law in relation to their construction and safety standards and therefore it's illegal to use them on a road.

    However, there are some road legal quad bikes and in order to be used legally on the road they must be approved, taxed, registered, insured, have an MOT (if needed) and the driver must hold the relevant licence.

    If you wish to buy a road legal quad, we would suggest you go to a reputable dealer, who will be able to advise you on what is lawful.


    Driving licence
    To drive a quad on the road you will usually need to be at least 17 and either hold a category B (full car licence) or B1 licence if it was issued before 01.01.97.

    Quad bikes used on the road must have a minimum of third party insurance cover.

    Quad bikes must be registered and have a front and rear number plate.

    MOT requirements
    Quad bikes used on the road need an MOT if they are more than three years old.

    Passengers can only be carried if the quad bike is designed to carry them. If you are in any doubt you will need to speak to the vehicle's manufacturer to see if it was designed for that purpose.

    Crash helmets
    Drivers and passengers on quad bikes don't have to wear crash helmets but it is recommended they do.


    If a quad bike is used only off-road and never goes onto the public road the driver does not need a licence and the machine does not need to be taxed or registered.

    Quad bikes used for agricultural, horticultural and forestry work need to be registered as a light agricultural vehicle.

    If an agricultural quad bike is used on the road it must be registered, licensed and insured but it won't require an MoT. Quads that are used for agricultural, horticultural or forestry work don't need to be taxed. However, if you do have to pay tax, the amount you pay will depend on what you use the vehicle for. If the quad is used on the road after dark it must comply with the relevant requirements of the Road Vehicles (Lighting) Regulations 1986, with regard to the fitting and use of lights.

    You can report any nuisance motor vehicles to your local police force via their 101 non-emergency number.

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