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    Q234: Do you have any advice about personal safety in general?

    Here are some personal safety tips to follow if you are out and about:

      • Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Be careful when reading or listening to music as this can be distracting.
      • In a busy place, try to use your mobile phone in emergencies only as it is advertising the fact that you have a phone. Whilst using your phone you are distracted, making it easier to take it from you.
      • Try to avoid walking home alone late at night. If you do, choose well-lit main roads and walk confidently.
      • If someone tries to take something from you, it may be better to let them take it rather than get into a confrontation and risk injury.
      • If you are involved in a confrontation, reasonable force may be appropriate when used in self-defence (please see the link in Related Information for further guidance).

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