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    Q204: I have got a speeding ticket but I have misplaced my licence, what should I do?

    You should attend at your chosen police station with the ticket and the rest of your documents (insurance and MOT) in order to comply with the ticket. The person who takes the details will note that you have not produced your licence and you are likely to be reported. The speeding ticket and the failure to produce your licence will both be dealt with at court and a summons will be issued to you in due course. You do not always have to attend court and may be able to plead guilty by letter. The summons you receive will tell you whether this is possible.

    It is advisable if you have not already done so to apply for a new licence as soon as possible (see Related Information). If the licence comes shortly afterwards it may be worth contacting the central ticket office of your local police force to see if they will allow you to pay the speeding fine without the possibility of attending court. This is discretionary as after 28 days a summons will be issued.

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