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    Q14: Have you any advice about personal safety during a night out?

    There are several websites that give sound advice about this topic. Listed below are a comprehensive sample of the steps that can be taken to ensure your personal safety:

    • Never leave your bag or coat unattended in a pub or night club, it is an ideal place for thieves.
    • Never leave your drink unattended, as it is very easy for someone to put an illegal substance in your drink, which could have very serious consequences for you.
    • Always make sure you know how you are going to get home after a night out. It is best to travel home with friends and not on your own.
    • Book a taxi home before going out, do not flag down a taxi as you cannot be sure they are a licensed cab driver.
    • Avoid any confrontation or fighting, if someone is threatening you, tell a door supervisor but do not get involved.
    • Never accept a drink from a stranger. Go with the person to the bar if you want to accept a drink.

    In general though, wherever you are try and remember the following suggestions:

    • Do not walk home alone late at night. If you do, choose well-lit main roads and walk confidently.
    • If someone does grab your bag fighting back is not always a good idea, you do not know if your attacker has a weapon.
    • Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Reading and listening to music can be distracting.
    • In a busy public place, try to only use your mobile phone in an emergency as it is advertising the fact that you have a phone and whilst using it you are distracted, making it easier to take it from you.
    • If you are attacked it is often better to shout fire rather than help, it tends to attract more attention.

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