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    Q1087: What is a 'money mule'?

    A 'money mule' is someone who transfers stolen money on behalf of criminals through their own bank account.

    Criminals will contact a person, either on the internet (via social media, a fake job advertisement) or in person, and offer to pay them for use of their bank account in order to receive stolen money and transfer it to another account.

    The majority of the money being transferred is stolen money and is used to fund further criminal activity such as terrorism and fraud.

    Criminals usually target vulnerable people who are in financial difficulties themselves and see being a mule as an opportunity to make money.

    Once a person has transferred the money successfully there is a high chance that the criminals will want to repeat the process and may use intimidation if someone does not comply.

    It is a criminal offence to let someone use your bank account for this activity and you could face a prison sentence of up to 14 years if caught. You could also have your account closed and find it difficult to access credit.

    If someone asks you to use your bank account, report it to your local police force. Please see the link in Related Information for contact details.

    Please also see the related topic, County Lines, in Related Information.

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